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MAY 13/ 01





Tracing the Santactruzan's Roots
You may argue that the Philippines has no marked season like spring for flowers to bloom. More flowers seem to appear in May, nevertheless.

Get to Know Western Visayas
During the Spanish times, when a mother wanted her children to stop crying at night, she usually threatened them with the "quintos."

If you are a foreigner ... As history shows, foreigners have generally not come to the Philippines with friendly intentions. In spite of this, every visitor is heartily welcomed; the Filipinos are sociable and tolerant, and their natural openness charms many visitors. FULL STORY


Protecting Aklan's coastal ecosystems
Siltation and sedimentation triggered by upland deforestation pose another threat to Aklan's coastal ecosystems.


We need Mary today
MAY is closely associated with our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Tradition, now so complicated to trace, has forged it that way. And we are happy about it.

Again, on Lawyers
They are the defenders of truth and justice. Yep, yep, lawyers have to be truthful, to act noble and be fearless.

The poor must protest against their exploiters
The poor is the fair hope of unscrupulous politicians. Just by giving them a few pesos or a kilo of rice they spontaneously go out to demonstrate. In return they would say we will die for our idol. When they are caught or die they are abandoned.


It's a jungle out there
Ants are one of the few insects I know of that live in colonies. They have a caste system too.

Responsible Communication
How ironic is that media practitioners claim they are sources of true information, that they are most reliable institute of learning; when they allow themselves to be influenced by too much commercialism, consumerism, and materialism.

The tie that binds
Have you ever thought of why friends stick together through thick and thin and through the years?


Cain and Abel
Our new legal series dwell on the case of a man who murdered his own brother. The incident took place in Lambunao, Iloilo yet the names of the persons were changed to protect their identities as well as of their family.




The poor must protest against their exploiters

By Emmanuel D. Mangubat

THE poor demonstrators who were dispersed for demonstrating for their idol must instead protest against those who have been using and exploiting them.

They must ask: Oh! politicians how many crimes have you committed in our name? Stated in another vein, THE POOR MUST PROTEST AGAINST THEIR EXPLOITERS. Theirs as a pitiful sight because no leader came out in the open after they were arrested and detained. But these unscrupulous leaders did not come out in the open to give us a semblance of spontaneity so that they cannot be held accountable for what may happen to their instigated demonstrators. True enough these perceived leaders washed their hands to what they did.

The poor is the fair hope of unscrupulous politicians. Just by giving them a few pesos or a kilo of rice they spontaneously go out to demonstrate. In return they would say we will die for our idol. When they are caught or die they are abandoned. The leaders who might be asked for help may say, I cannot help you anymore because I have already paid you to go to EDSA or to Mendiola! Pity these poor souls. While they were demonstrating with only water to drink, their leaders who instigated them were in Club Filipino enjoying a hearty meal! Can the poor learn a lesson for their stupidity?

Is there such an organized demonstration that is leaderless? By saying that their demonstration in support of Erap was on their own; i.e., without a leader is out of this world. Poor and unschooled as the demonstrators that they are, can they do it on their own to storm Malacanang? An intelligent observer said that what happened at Malacanang early morning of May 1, was done with precision that can only be done by a leader with military mind. So, where is the claim that those who demonstrated at Edsa and stormed Malacanang had no leaders? In this particular case such leaders do not have balls.

EDSA is a sacred place that should never be used as a refuge of scoundrels. It should likewise not be the place for demonstrators who resort to mob rule to achieve their goal for their idol. EDSA was not used by demonstrators to depose dictator Marcos and Erap by desecrating it. Never was there an EDSA related demonstration characterized with stone throwing. It happened only recently because politicians who instigated them were desperate. We agree that EDSA should never be used as a vehicle to change a president at anybody's whims and caprices. Senator Miriam Santiago promised that it elected she will file a bill not to install a president via people power.

But she was one of those who were the instigators at EDSA! The question that our people are asking now is: DO we want an honest ot corrupt government? We have been complaining that only small fishes are put behind bars. The big fishes always got scotch free. Now that a big fish is put behind nars we protest and demonstrate. We also have been complaining that justice delayed is justice denied. When Erap was hurriedly arrested his followeres and lawyers tried to delay using all the tactics they can find in the book. Then we would say nobody is above the law but not their idol Erap? The higher the official who commits a crime the more be should not be respected.

Yes as Christian we pity Erap. This is the reason why he was charged to give him a chance to clear his and his family's name. The law is hard but it is the law.

Dura Lex Sed Lex. We must be proud that justice in our country is indeed blind. It does not care whether the law violator is president. We have been critical against our justice system but now that it has accused a president we want him to be given a special treatment. We don't want him to be jailed because he is president and he is not guilty. Who by the way is the authority to pass judgement of an accused, the demonstrators at EDSA or our courts? Hence: THE POOR MUST PROTEST ONLY AGAINST EXPLOITERS.


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