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MAY 13/ 01





Tracing the Santactruzan's Roots
You may argue that the Philippines has no marked season like spring for flowers to bloom. More flowers seem to appear in May, nevertheless.

Get to Know Western Visayas
During the Spanish times, when a mother wanted her children to stop crying at night, she usually threatened them with the "quintos."

If you are a foreigner ... As history shows, foreigners have generally not come to the Philippines with friendly intentions. In spite of this, every visitor is heartily welcomed; the Filipinos are sociable and tolerant, and their natural openness charms many visitors. FULL STORY


Protecting Aklan's coastal ecosystems
Siltation and sedimentation triggered by upland deforestation pose another threat to Aklan's coastal ecosystems.


We need Mary today
MAY is closely associated with our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Tradition, now so complicated to trace, has forged it that way. And we are happy about it.

Again, on Lawyers
They are the defenders of truth and justice. Yep, yep, lawyers have to be truthful, to act noble and be fearless.

The poor must protest against their exploiters
The poor is the fair hope of unscrupulous politicians. Just by giving them a few pesos or a kilo of rice they spontaneously go out to demonstrate. In return they would say we will die for our idol. When they are caught or die they are abandoned.


It's a jungle out there
Ants are one of the few insects I know of that live in colonies. They have a caste system too.

Responsible Communication
How ironic is that media practitioners claim they are sources of true information, that they are most reliable institute of learning; when they allow themselves to be influenced by too much commercialism, consumerism, and materialism.

The tie that binds
Have you ever thought of why friends stick together through thick and thin and through the years?


Cain and Abel
Our new legal series dwell on the case of a man who murdered his own brother. The incident took place in Lambunao, Iloilo yet the names of the persons were changed to protect their identities as well as of their family.




Cain and Abel

Part One

By Kathy M. Villalon

Our new legal series dwell on the case of a man who murdered his own brother. The incident took place in Lambunao, Iloilo yet the names of the persons were changed to protect their identities as well as of their family.

In a family, the differences in personalities of the children are evident even since birth. Despite being born from the same parents, some factors like state of mind and the health of the mother due to the incidents around her during her state of pregnancy have been proven to cause such differences.

Take the case of Joel and Francis, sons of Tato and Anita Santos.

Joel was the eldest. Since birth, he seldom cried. He grew up making the life of his parents easy. Francis, on the other hand was an unruly child. He is a notorious bully in school and he always finds himself in one trouble after another. He wasn't kind to his elder brother either.

One day, their parents heard Joel crying while running towards the house.

"Tatay! Nanay!" he screamed.. His face and shirt had stains of what seems to be blood.

"What happened?" Tato and Anita who were frantic rushed to their son's side.

"Francis hit me!" he screamed and showed them the wound in his head.

It turned out that the boys fought over a game of "piko." Francis lost and couldn't accept it so he turned his anger to Joel. In the heat of their argument, Francis picked a somewhat sharp stone and hurled it to Joel, hitting his brother's head.

Tato and Anita punished Francis for what he did. But this doesn't seem to have an effect on the child. The violent incident was followed by more troubles.

Francis would steal Joel's allowance. His teachers would also report that he had hurt some kid in school. He refused to do household chores. He'd rather play outside with the other kids, watch TV, eat and sleep. He wasn't doing well in his studies either. This trend continued until the boys are already teens.

Since their parents had a hard time making ends meet, they had to let Joel and Francis stop studying. Joel was 18 that time, while Francis was 16. Francis didn't seem to have a problem with this. He instead spent his time doing carpentry jobs. His earnings went to his vices like women, alcohol and gambling.

Joel, on the other hand, wanted to finish his studies. After stopping for a year, he again went back to school with the money he earned as a waiter during the day.

At their age, it is quite normal to start liking girls. While Francis' conquests can no longer be counted, Joel was quite picky. Despite being choosy however, the time finally came when he found someone he really liked a lot.

It was at work when he met Gina. He was already working as a waiter there for more than a year when Gina started work. Joel found her charming and kind. He decided she would make a good girlfriend.

It wasn't quite easy getting Gina's attention. Joel brought her flowers, helped her at work, talked to her a lot, called her often and other things that a man does when he is attracted to a woman. Gina seems oblivious to these.

Gina, on the other hand, liked Joel too. Very much, in fact. But conservative that she is, she wanted him to wait for she doesn't want him to think of her as an easy-to-get kind of girl.

"Gina, I've been courting you for months now," Joel said one day over lunch. "When will you give me your answer? I promise I'll be really good to you."

It was when Gina gave him her sweetest smile and said "yes." Joel felt on top of the world at that time.

The couple started going out more often after that. After a month of being together, Joel decided that his family should meet Gina.

One day, Joel brought Gina home to meet his family. Tato and Anita immediately liked her. And so did Francis. But Francis had a different kind of "liking" for his brother's girlfriend.

During dinner, the two brothers couldn't keep their eyes off Gina. Joel's face was filled with pride and happiness for having the sweetest girl. Francis' face had a smile too, albeit an obsessed and plotting one.

She is so beautiful, Francis said to himself. What a pity that he is now my brother's girlfriend. But ... on the other hand, they are not yet married . . . so I think I can still do something about it.

Since then, Francis started to come with the couple everytime they go out. Joel was quite pleased with this because it was also a good opportunity for him and his brother to do things together. Gina obviously likes Francis too as he tried his best to be very humorous in all situations.

After all, Francis wanted what his brother has, for himself.



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